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The Socket and See Australia range was designed with our customers in mind. Electricians, Plumbers or HVAC Engineers, there is a Socket and See product to suit your testing needs. Socket and See products are now widely recognised by some of the World’s leading companies and are available in Australia through your preferred Electrical Wholesaler. Socket & See manufactures a growing range of electrical Test equipment including Socket Testes with Polarity, Loop Impedance and RCD Test functions, Socket Interfaces, Voltage Proving Units and Voltage testers to perform safe electrical testing and isolation. Socket and See Also Provides a solution to regulary check the calibration of test equipment by using a Test instrument Check Box the CB200. The Socket & See LOD10 is an easy to use the universal design fits most known makes of miniature circuit breakers without the need for keys and provides the perfect solution for Lockout and Tagout of Electrical Equipment.