Electrical Test Equipment

Socket and See Wiring and Polarity Checker SOK32

The Socket & See SOK32AU is the simple solution for mains wiring checking.

  • Logical Green LED for GOOD
  • Bright, easy to read LED's
  • Clear Audible Indication
  • Error free testing

Modern production methods ensure great performance and value.
Tough, smooth contoured construction. Eye catching body colour, easy to find in a toolkit. Advanced electronic circuits mean positive & reliable indication. The testers are designed to give a quick & easy indication of correct wiring at the socket outlet. Particular emphasis is placed on detecting very dangerous wiring conditions such as reversed live earth connections & disconnected wires.


  • The first socket tester to show where the actual fault is - Live, Earth or Neutral
  • New patented 'Fault Locate' electronics gives clear indication of correct wiring plus 17 wiring fault conditions
  • Continuous or strong warbling tone gives positive quick indication of faulty wiring
  • Built-in self-check at start of testing gives confidence in correct operation at all times

Part No. SOK32AU