Electrical Test Equipment

Socket and See Test Instrument Check Box CB200

The Socket & See CB200 provides a quick and simple method of checking the accuracy of electrical test instrument. It provides a check to minimise the event where incorrect  test results could be recorded and dangerous potential faults not being detected due to false readings.

The CB200 provides accuracy checks for test instruments used to measure:

  •  Continuity
  •  Insulation Resistance
  •  Earth fault loop impedance
  •  Operation of Residual Current Devices

AS/NZS 3017:2007

1.7.1 Equipment Checks

All test equipment should be suitable for  its intended purpose and be checked from time to time particularly after extended periods of storage, to ensure it remains operational and safe and internal batteries are adequately charged.

Before carrying out any test the equipment should be checked to ensure that it is correctly set, functional and in good condition.

Instrument accuracy should be confirmed by checking against a range of resistors of known values.

Part No. CB200

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